Release Date August 31, 2016
ISBN 978-0-9665400-9-3

 About  Emunah
Emunah La-Paz started off
as a freelance writer. In
1994 Emunah, partnered
with Little Ant Productions.

It was there that Emunah
contributed to co-write with
other authors, surrounding
a variety of book projects
developed through the
publishing company
Emunah's first book,

Chocolate Burnout, landed
on the AALBC's bestsellers
list and was mentioned in
Ebony Magazine’s
Bestseller list.

Emunah's love for
entertainment and writing,
led her to join another Little
Ant Production called Top
Social Media Male and
Female An
outlet dedicated to season
writers, and new inspiring
writers, as well as visual

Emunah's novels are based
on true events that
surround major real issues,
such as:  relationships,
divorce, marriage, and self-
esteem subject matters that
target our vast society.

Emunah currently resides in
Arizona, with her family, and
continues to engage with
writers that are passionate
about motivating the world
through the art of writing.
Emunah's Books
Chocolate The
Novel Burnout
Release Date:
November 6,2017
Release Date::
August 31,2016
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