" I have set my rainbow in the clouds as covenant between Me and The Earth!"

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The Kingdom Cubs Tm
We Bear The Good News!
All! Bears come with the Love Joy Peace Booklet!
                        The Kingdom Cubs (tm) Land  
                        Graduation Bears Now Available
Graduation Bear Colors
Brown Bear
Angel Bear Colors
Berenda *Bearey
The Genesis Bears
The Angel Kingdom Cubs
Bears Guard The Kingdom Cubs!
These beautiful colorful keepsake bears
comes with a tiny booklet of peace.
Celebrate a new baby or collect
these special bears for yourself.
We Bear The Good News
Mail Bear  
This Kingdom Cub Comes
with a Tiny booklet of Peace as he delivers
the good news door to door, with love.
Bearey & Bearenda
These New Generation Cubs
Survived the destruction
of Beary Land, and our the
founders chosen to lead
The new Generation
of Kingdom Cubs
Celebrate With these colorful Graduation Collectibles! Each bear comes with a booklet of Peace!
The Genesis Kingdom Cubs (tm)
The very first bears created by the light!
Celebrate in birthday style or in their classic fur!
                         The Kingdom Cubs (tm) Land  
The Harvest Kingdom Cubs Gift Basket  may vary  depending
on what we have in stock.  Please contact us for custom
made baskets and special Holiday or event orders such as
the The Kingdom Cubs Harvest Basket.
Please Note: The  Pumpkin Spice coffee and late is Seasonal.
kingdomcubs @cox.net