The Story of The Kingdom Cubs (TM)
THE Kingdom cubs (Tm)

                                                              Our Story

Meet Beary & Bearenda! Beary and Brearenda use to live in a place called Beary Land. They
loved it there! However as time moved on, Beary Land became beary bad. Bears were hurting
one another. Beary Land became so bad that Beary and Bearenda  had to leave. Beary and
Bearenda believed in a loving God. Their God did not make fun of their color or hate. Beary was
a handsome dark bear and Bearenda was a beautiful light bear. Beary and Bearenda had cubs
that were all different shapes and colors. However when Beary Land became a bad place to
live, they had to move away to protect their children from hate, and crime. God asked Beary and
Bearenda to build an  Ark. Beary and Bearenda listened to their God, because they loved Him
and they trusted Him. God had given all bears free will, however many of the bears used their
free  will to do very bad things.  They were out of control. Beary, Breanda and their children
were in danger, they had to escape from Beary Land before something bad happened. Beary
and Bearenda were able to escape. They started a new place called The Kingdom Cubs. Their
nation became strong and reliable. The Kingdomcubs, are on a mission to teach the good news;
not in a mean or harsh way, but in a loving way, that honors their loving God. Beary and
Bearenda know that there are bears of all backgrounds, bears that are special in their own way,
they do not discriminate.

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